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Get the best in tree and shrub care when working with our experts!

Trees and shrubs are a great way to add diversity and visual interest to your landscaping. Whether your property is large or small, highly diverse or with one or two focal points, trees and shrubs are a wonderful option to add to your yard in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. If you have trees and shrubs that require too much care or too much time from you, you can count on our experts here at Triangle Custom Landscaping to take care of them for you!

Tree and Shrub Care in Raleigh, North Carolina

Because we have been working in the area for over 20 years now in the landscaping industry, you can count on our experts to help you with all your tree and shrub care needs. We have the knowledge and expertise that you need when it comes to safely planting or transplanting trees and shrubs, property watering and feeding, and even using the best trimming methods. Whatever help you need with your trees and shrubs, our team of experts can get it done for you.

If you aren’t sure what type of trees and shrubs you have, don’t worry– our experts can still assist you with tree and shrub care. While we are not arborists, the level of experience that we have with trees and shrubs in the area can help you feel comfortable in our tree and shrub care capabilities. We know what types prefer pruning seasonally and which are free to be trimmed at any time. We also know how to properly shape your landscaping for attractive trees and shrubs that can flourish. With our help, you will love the overall look of your landscaping.

For more information on our tree and shrub care services, please give us a call today.