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Our technicians can perform seeding & overseeding, depending on the needs of your lawn.

When it comes to lawn care, most property owners don’t know a lot about the proper process. If your lawn care routine includes regular mowing and watering, you may need professional assistance in the other areas of maintenance, which may include seeding & overseeding, fertilization, and aeration. If your property is in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, you can rely on our team at Triangle Custom Landscaping to take care of your additional lawn care needs. We work with a number of local clients to provide high-quality service and excellent results.

Seeding & Overseeding in Raleigh, North Carolina

Seeding & overseeding are processes that can help restore grass that has been damaged or killed. Seeding involves using a machine to create slits in the lawn, then dropping grass seeds into those slits to maximize the germination percentage. Overseeding involves adding more grass seeds to your existing lawn without tilling or turning the soil. This process helps to create thicker, lusher grass while also introducing new varieties to the lawn. Overseeding is a good option if your lawn has been impacted by disease or insect damage, droughts, or too much sunlight. Adding new types of grass that are more durable and heartier can thicken your lawn while improving its health and appearance.

Our technicians can perform seeding & overseeding, depending on the needs of your lawn. We’ll also provide recommendations on the timing of the seeding & overseeding process to increase the chances of success and give your lawn what it needs to thrive. Contact us today to get started.