Lawn Aeration, Raleigh, NC

Enjoy a healthier lawn with regular lawn aeration services.

Here at Triangle Custom Landscaping, we love helping people see their lawns transform from lackluster to lush under our care. While most people understand the basics of lawn care and a proper watering schedule, it’s the extra services, such as lawn aeration, that make your lawn vibrant, thick and lovely. Lawn aeration is a great start to wonderful lawn care, and our experts are readily awaiting to help you with this service.

Lawn Aeration in Raleigh, North Carolina

Lawn aeration is a beneficial service that is often overlooked. As grass starts to grow and develop, there are other processes occurring just beneath those green blades that are less obvious. Thatch, or dying grass and other accumulating dead material, starts to thicken your lawn. This makes it harder for water to penetrate the grass. Additionally, soil compaction makes it more difficult for water to reach the roots of your grass. Lawn aeration punches tiny holes and helps to provide fresh oxygen and water to the roots, strengthening the overall health of your lawn.

When you call us here at Triangle Custom Landscaping for lawn aeration, your services will be performed by experienced experts. We have been working in the Triangle area for nearly 20 years now and understand the needs of lawns in this area well. Because we deal not just with lawns, but also with hardscaping and landscaping services in our business, you can feel confident that our team can expertly navigate the aeration equipment in your yard and around everything from hardscaping features to trees to swimming pools. For information about lawn aeration for your Raleigh, North Carolina property, contact us today.