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Illuminate your outdoor living spaces with landscape lighting.

You have put time, money, and effort into your landscaping, so why let the beauty of your yard go unnoticed when the sun goes down? With a flick of a switch (and our help at Triangle Custom Landscaping), you can put your stunning landscaping in Raleigh, North Carolina on display every time nightfall comes with landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting and Design in Raleigh, North Carolina

When done right, landscape lighting and design makes the best of your property by highlighting your home’s architectural elements and drawing attention to large trees, prized plants, and colorful flowers. Keep in mind that the front yard is not the only place that can benefit from landscape illumination – our team can also work landscape lighting and design magic on your backyard to light up your patio, porch swing, walkways, pool, and other features to make different areas more social, appealing, and safe.

Our landscape lighting and design capabilities extend to helping you know which lights to put where, doing the actual install, and setting up a system for controlling the lights, so they automatically turn on at a certain time or when it gets dark. Timers are the most reliable solution, and the best ones can adjust for seasonal changes that affect day length. With a timed lighting system, you don’t have to think about turning on your landscape lights every night but can reliably enjoy their glow at day’s end without fail.

For an inviting, beautiful, and eye-catching front yard, move landscape lighting to the top of your home improvement priority list. Contact us at Triangle Custom Landscaping today for additional information about our landscape lighting and design services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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