Landscape Design, Raleigh, NC

We go above and beyond to think of everything needed for your landscape design.

Whether your yard is huge or tiny, having the right landscape design can make all the difference in its appearance and function. A great landscape design makes small yards feel larger and properly utilizes the space. Large yards, on the other hand, need landscape design to help make the space feel more functional than a large expanse of purposeless grass. If you are looking for help with landscape design to brighten up a lackluster landscape in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, we want to help you out here at Triangle Custom Landscaping.

Landscape Design in Raleigh, North Carolina

When you come to Triangle Custom Landscaping to learn more about our landscape design services, you will quickly find that we go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to our customers. Not only will we make sure that your landscape design is functional and attractive, but we will even go over the right plants, trees, and shrubs you should get that will mature and flourish in particular areas in your yard. We can help work your plants and landscape design around your irrigation system or even design and install an improved irrigation system to meet the needs of your new landscape design. When you are looking for landscape designers who have really thought of everything when it comes to your landscape design, you can’t find anyone better than our team at Triangle Custom Landscaping.

We Handle All Landscape Design Projects – Big and Small!

It is not uncommon to put off improving the landscaping at your Raleigh, North Carolina home out of concerns that nobody will want to bother with the small project you have in mind or that you won’t have enough budget for the large landscape you would like. At Triangle Custom Landscaping, we want you to know that your landscape design project is within reach no matter what size you have in mind. We never turn down a project because of its size, and our affordable pricing and ability to customize your landscape design to fit your needs and budget can make even the largest project possible.

Landscape Design in Raleigh, North CarolinaSmall Landscape Design – A typical small project involves creating a focal point in one area of your lawn, such as the entry way or down one or two sides of your home. We can incorporate color and variety that is appealing to the eye and can draw butterflies and birds. If the walkway itself needs attention, we can make that upgrade, as well.

Landscape Design in Raleigh, North CarolinaLarge Landscape Design – Creating a stunning and functional outdoor living space is a larger design project that can suit your budget through material selection, size of the area, and other considerations. We can incorporate features such as a paver patio, landscape lighting, outdoor fireplace or fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or whatever fits your needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our landscape design services for your small, medium, or large project vision. We’ll make it a reality and one that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about our landscape design services as well as landscape installation, please give us a call today.