Irrigation 101

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If you’re installing a lawn in the near future, you may be debating on installing an irrigation system. An irrigation system is a great way to keep your lawn healthy with regular watering sessions. Here are the basics of irrigation systems and what you need to know.

Irrigation 101


  • Saves Money – An irrigation system pays for itself. With controlled irrigation it saves water overall, which saves you money.
  • Saves Time – If anything, an irrigation system is convenient. You’ll find that your lawn will be happy and healthy without you having to lift a finger, or even be home for that matter.
  • Protect Your Investment – By using an irrigation system, you will protect the investment you have in your lawn and landscape.

Different Types

There are two main styles of irrigation systems: a pump system and a metered water system.

  1. Pump System – With this option, water is pumped into the irrigation system, typically from a static water source. A benefit of this pump system is there are no additional water usage costs.
  2. Metered Water System – A metered water system gets its water through a utility department and can go through your home’s water lines. A con to this option is the water will be metered and could increase your monthly costs.

We hope these basics will help you determine if an irrigation system is right for you, and which type is right for you. If you have any questions regarding irrigation systems and the services we provide, please contact us at Triangle Custom Landscaping today!