Core Aeration: Why Is It Helpful?

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Core aeration is a specialized type of aeration that is performed by specialized landscaping equipment. There are many types of aeration, but since your lawn should be mowed lawn before aeration and you can’t wait until the temperature grows too cold and frost appears on the grass, this can be fall crunch time for you and your lawn maintenance. Since timing is often at the core of good landscape maintenance in Apex, North Carolina, let us perform the mowing and core aeration you need for your lawn at the change of the seasons this coming year.

let us perform the mowing and core aeration you need for your lawn

Here at Triangle Custom Landscaping, not only do we do consultations and design work for your home’s landscaping, we also pride ourselves on helping you take care of it. It’s our pleasure, in fact! For this reason, we offer 12-month maintenance contracts for all your landscaping needs for each of the coming seasons, including fertilization, core aeration, and of course, lawn mowing. Give us a try this coming year and see if you don’t feel the release of the stress of taking care of your landscaping as well as real enjoyment in your landscaping in a way you have never felt before.

In addition to lawn maintenance services, such as core aeration, we can also provide assistance with your irrigation, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor lighting, and tree and shrub installation. We not only love designing and installing landscape and hardscape elements to bring the new life you want for your yard, but we also love helping you feel renewed at the change of each season with a lawn maintenance contract for the next 12 months for you to feel a new sense of renewal yourself this coming year. Contact us today to get started!