4 Reasons you Might Want Yard Leveling

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One of the many high-quality landscape maintenance services we provide here at Triangle Custom Landscaping is yard leveling. What is yard leveling and why would you need it? Yard leveling, also known as landscape grading, is a process that is used to remove hills or dips in a yard or ensure there is a safe and secure base before performing installation of landscaping features. There are several reasons you may need yard leveling:

1.    You have improper drainage – If water drainage is traveling toward your home, it can lead to big problems with your foundation or basements. If you are having recurring problems with water getting to these areas, you may need your yard leveled to redirect your water drainage.

2.    Trees or bushes have been removed – If you have had a tree or bush removed, over time the land settles and may leave a dip in your yard. Our team can come in and level the area to be consistent with the rest of your yard.

We can provide you with both professional yard leveling

3.    You plan to install a pool or hardscaping feature – Before adding a pool, patio area or other hardscaping feature, you want to make sure you are working on a level area. We can provide you with both professional yard leveling, so you don’t have any future issues with your installation. We also provide high quality professional hardscaping services.

4.    You want to change the look or convenience of your yard – Whether you want a yard that is easier to mow or travel or you just want to change the look of your yard, our professional yard leveling can help.

If you need yard leveling, come to us at Triangle Custom Landscaping. Our many years of experience, individualized attention, and passion for creating beautifully landscaped yard makes us a top choice for all of your landscaping needs. Contact us today.