3 Principles of Great Landscape Design

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During the winter, it can be difficult to even remember what spring feels like. In our experience here at Triangle Custom Landscaping, if you’re feeling the winter blues, something that can help is thinking about your spring landscape design. Not only will this I’ve you something to look forward to but starting the planning process now will help the actual planting go more smoothly when the time comes. To help you get started, our team will go over three principles that make for great landscape design.

3 Principles of Great Landscape Design

1.  Plant for Your Climate- One guiding principle of effective landscape design is to choose plants that will thrive in your climate. While it is possible to grow plants outside their native range if you’re willing to put in the effort, in our experience at Triangle Custom Landscaping, that effort is often more than most people imagine or are willing to do. Choosing plants for your climate will give you a garden that flourishes without your having to put in a lot of work.

2.  Consider Your Level of Sun- Another factor in plant selection for landscape design is the amount of sunlight the different parts of your yard get every day. Just like different plants are adapted to different climate conditions, plants within the same climate are adapted to different levels of sunlight. For example, maple trees in the wild grow in the understory, the forest layer under the topmost trees, and need partial shade to thrive.

3.  Vary Your Plantings- When it comes time to actually put your plant selections in the ground, make sure you have a plan for where they’re going to go and how they’ll look in relation to each other. Having all the plants in an area be the same height or texture is boring—introduce variety and contrast in order to create more interest.

If you want expert assistance with the landscape design process, you can call our team at Triangle Custom Landscaping to consult with one of our experienced designers.